Why Malaga ?

08 January, 2017 22:01

Currently I'm leaving outside Malaga but is been a while since I wanted to do something like this. I will give you some context so you can understand.

I have lived already in four different countries (who knows maybe I'll go for a fifth), and of course all of them, they have something special, but there is always something that brings me back to Malaga.

I started living in this city when I was 15 years old and today is where I have spent most of my youth. Is where I studied and where I met a lot of special people that today, even though we are all over the world, we always go back to the same place to meet.

Many times I have asked myself ...

Why Malaga ?

Why is it so special ?

Is it the sun or is it the people ?

Probably is a combination of multiple things and since I don't have a proper answer I have decided that I will share as many experiences as possible, especifically of this city. For now, let's consider it as the city that inspired me to do this.

Malaga is not known by many people today but is full of wonders and opportunities. Is a place that I travel really often and every time I do, I get something new out.

From places, to food or from experiences to people, I think is something that should be shared with as many as possible to give the chance to others to know what I'm speaking about.