Stay like a local

08 January, 2017 22:01

Malaga is a really big region that contains mountains and coast, but back in the dictatorship the south of Spain was focused exclusively on tourism and agriculture and Malaga was not an exception. As a consequence and because of the tourism the most developed areas in the region are along the cost.

Here I'm going to focus on one town specifically called Fuengirola that is where I have lived. This place is on the west coast, really small town (around 80k habitants), with really lovely people and probably the side that is most international in the region. Is normal to see people speaking languages from different parts of Europe, which I think makes it even more special.

Malaga region has micro-climates which is great for the agriculture and allows to have different types of vegetables and fruits. But from a human perspective it also means that you will be warmer in some places more than in others. So if you are visiting on summer is something to take into consideration and Fuengirola is cooler than the capital.

If you don't have a car the way to access to it from the airport is a trip of around 30 minutes by train or taxi. Once you are in Fuengirola you can move by bus or walking, since is a really small town.

Normally people come here for the beach, since is the main attraction, but if you want to move around, is well connected with the capital by train but also the car distances are pretty good, allowing you to stay near the beach and visit other places.

Here is my place which I'm renting for people to stay. I will try to make you feel as local as possible.

Food for me is a really important factor and in my opinion is one of the best places to find really high quality. From seafood to different types of meats or vegetarian based, I have my places that I love to go but I'll leave that for another story. The point is that you can try really good things and if you are open about it, probably things that you have never tried before.

Fuengirola before it got developed it was a fishers town, so for monuments and museums it doesn't have much. The biggest things are the castle (the sunsets here are amazing) and the centre, but like I mentioned before is a great place to move around, and Malaga for good or bad has everything spread accross the coast, being the capital where you will find the biggest scene. To find out more what to visit go to the government page.