Lights, Music, Christmas

15 January, 2017 01:01

Is christmas! I'm ready to go back to my home town, my family and friends. The weather looks great, is sunny, and I'm looking forward to eat the food from there.

You have multiple options, but I'm a fish lover. I really miss the taste of fresh fish from the coast, so I will go for that. Also, in my family we have some special dishes which we only eat during christmas and I have to wait an entire year for this (which makes it even more special), so I'm really excited to go back.

I don't have many days of holidays and beside from visiting family and friends, during this period is really normal for me and my family to go and checkout small towns that we don't know around the area. What is really interesting to see is how in the same country and even in the same region, life can be seen so different. This feeling started when I was a kid, but anyway this story is not about that, so I'll leave it for another time. The thing is, the experience is unique, so I kept it as a tradition.

Malaga area is really big, and is full of small towns in the middle of the mountains or even in the coast. Some of them are great to visit near summer, some others when is really cold, but whatever you do, you always have to bare in mind that Malaga is really sunny, and during summer we reach really high temperatures, so I don't think anybody wants to see themselves in the middle of a mountain with 45+ degrees celcius, unless there is a good reason for it.

In this occasion, I'm going with my girlfriend which is her second christmas in Malaga, so we decided to take her to a town 60 min away from Fuengirola, called Antequera. We have been there a lot of times, but this was a different occasion, since I want it her to know the place from where a lot of our typical deserts for christmas come from.

Antequera is full of wonders, like you see in the picture the first one that you find is in the entrance, where there is a mountain with the shape of the face of a person. The legend is related with a love story, but I guess I will let you come and find for yourself what is this story about =).

This town is full of history, from the Antequera dolmens, to El torcal, or from the roman baths, Real Colegiata de Santa MarĂ­a, to La Alcazaba of Antequera. All them incredibly beatiful to see and with so much to know. Mixing the Neolithic era, the romans, the christians and the arabics.

Ancient history is present but also there is a more recent one that is worth knowing, where nuns in convents spend all the year making the desserts for December, so they can sell them during this month. This town is worth of spending some time, take a look, and find out what it brings. Is part of our traditions in Malaga and also of our DNA.

On our way back, we stopped on the capital, for something that is worth seeing. In the main street, the decoration changes every December and people from a lot of places come just to visit and find out what is new this year. Is really beautiful and believe me, not because you have seen it once, it means that you know what you are about to see. Every year there is something new.

This year for the first time, calle Larios, mixed lights and music. So in case you didn't have the opportunity to watch it I'll leave you with a sample of what happened in 2016.