Let it snow, Let it snow

19 January, 2017 23:01

Today I was speaking with my parents and the first thing I hear from them is that is really cold. Of course, I told them, come on probably is not that bad, but they told me, that in fact the temperature was really low and was snowing in Malaga.

They sent me a few pictures and after seeing them, I was completely in shock about it. I mean, I have seen snow many times since I have lived in Finland, but is really weird to see those levels of snow in the south of Spain.

Normally the mountains are the first to get covered with snow, next, the towns with high altitude, like Ronda. But this time the snow has hit the sea level.

As far as my memory goes, it has been years since something like this happened in Malaga coast, that is why I decided to record it as a special day, and write a small article for our memories.

To honor the town where my grandmother was born, as a cover picture I used "El tajo" which is one of the most emblematic symbols from Ronda.

Also checkout the coast, on the sea level, the small mountains covered in snow. There are a lot of pictures all over the news, so if you speak spanish don't doubt to visit el pais so you can see more stories.