I have worked in several fields, but all with the same purpose, solve real problems with real people

Who am I ??

I am a computer engineer who currently is working in London. I love technology and is where I spend most of my time, but also I love helping people and animals.

Since I was a kid I have always loved medicine and computers. The very first time that I put together the pieces of a computer was when I was 7, since then I simply can't stop my curiosity for tech. Of course ,with time, I have realised that there are more areas that I like, and today I dedicate most of my time to software.

Also I find fascinating the medicine field. I was raised by doctors and I guess is part of my DNA. One of my targets is to mix my computer experience and combine it with medicine to solve problems that one day will revolutionize and help a lot of people.

But to summarize, I love problems that involves helping people and even more when I solve them...

Skills that I have

I spend a lot of time with different technologies, to solve different problems. Here I show a cloud showing how much time I'm spending on the technologies that I know:

Skills cloud

This will vary and grow over time ...